Cancer Chemotherapy and Survival Rates

Numerous surveys were taken inquiring as to whether they were determined to have malignant growth would they use chemotherapy on themselves and 75-90% said they would not. One would ask them self could this be conceivable? The reason is that chemotherapy has a horrendous achievement rate and the specialists know it. If you want a story of it, you can read

Malignancy survival rates for individuals determined to have disease is really higher for individuals who choose to do no treatment whatsoever. That is additionally another difficult to accept actuality however the genuine insights demonstrate it to be valid. At present malignant growth survival rates are just 3% that implies a 97% death rate. The therapeutic foundation joins all malignancies together to get the half survival rate that numerous individuals use as a disease survival rate.

just expressed in the event that you take most hazardous tumors and normal them with high survival malignant growths you get the half rate.

In a report in the Lancet medicinal diary (Aug 10,1991) noticed that chemotherapy in 80% of overall cases is useless. Much of the time specialists accept the chemotherapy really is the reason for death to the patients.

Elective malignant growth treatment has gotten an awful name just because of the standard therapeutic foundations shut personality and enormous self images. I am going to show probably the best malignant growth treatment books out today as I would see it.

1. Malignant growth STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX, Ty Bollinger

2. Malignant growth IS A FUNGUS, DR. Tulio Simoncini

3. Malignant growth THE ONLY ANSWER, DR. Leonard Coldwell

Having lost a few relatives to malignant growth myself I think it’s time the therapeutic foundation tells the truth on the reality there are more fruitful elective disease medications out there than standard medicines.

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