How to Make Cuban Espresso

So you need to realize how to make Cuban espresso? Amazing! As you most likely know, a Cuban espresso is an espresso that is improved with sugar as it is prepared (however different beverages have come be known as Cuban espresso).

The principal thing you’ll have to make an exceptional Cuban espresso is the correct beans. Enthusiasts swear by Cuban-style brands, for example, Bustelo, Pilon and La LLave, however any dull, Columbian-style meal will work fine and dandy.

Before you take a stab at making a Cuban espresso, you ought to figure out how to make espresso, the typical way first.

Thus, here’s the manner by which you make a Cuban espresso:

  1. Utilizing an espresso machine, include the ideal measure of finely ground coffee.
  2. For each demitasse some espresso you need to make, utilize one teaspoon of sugar. The way to Cuban espresso is that it be exceptionally sweet. Try to put the sugar into the glass carafe before you mix the coffee.
  3. Mix the coffee similarly as you would a espresso. The coffee will pour over the sugar in the carafe as it mixes. After it is done filling the carafe, blend it energetically as there will even now be a little undissolved sugar. Empty the coffee into a few demitasse mugs and appreciate.

As a note, for Cafe con Leche, essentially utilizes 2 sections Cuban Espresso to 1 section steamed milk.

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